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Rempel Builders Indigenous Policy

This Indigenous Policy is established as the framework for Corporate Social Responsibility for Rempel
Builders, identifying opportunities to advance economic prosperity and social wellness for BC First
Nations and Indigenous Peoples through business mechanisms and community engagement. As Rempel
Builders, we acknowledge and respect the BC First Nations principled, pragmatic and organized
approach to implement the Section 35 Constitution Act, 1982 framework in British Columbia, the
Tsilhqot’in decision and other established law, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action to work together to
sustain our respective shared communities within the Province of British Columbia.


Rempel Builders is committed to building effective Indigenous business relationships and ensuring we
have the structure, resources, and skills necessary to maintain these relationships. We, as Rempel
Builders strive to succeed, with best practices, clear principles, mutual and respective responsibilities,
and accountabilities. To support our move towards true and lasting reconciliation with Indigenous
Peoples, Rempel Builders is sincere in its commitment to ensuring these principles identified below are
understood and acted upon by everyone in our Company, including all sub-contractors:

We will ensure that when interacting with Indigenous Peoples, our employees, consultants, and contractors demonstrate respect, and understanding of Indigenous Peoples’ culture, values, and beliefs.

We will foster an understanding of the local history and culture of Indigenous Peoples among Rempel Builders’ employees and contractors, in order to create better relationships between Rempel Builders and BC Indigenous communities.

We will strive to provide the most clear, accessible, and transparent information possible, are committed to dialogue through clear and open communication with Indigenous business partners and communities on an ongoing and timely basis for the mutual interest and benefit of both parties.

We will always seek advice on Indigenous Peoples' perspectives on how to best reduce or avoid impacts on the environment, cultural heritage, and social needs.

Complete endorsement, active participation and enthusiastic cooperation of this vital program for everyone.

We will inform Indigenous Peoples and First Nations communities, to the best of Rempel Builders’ ability, of our strategic multi-year planning, identifying potential projects and community works as early as possible for discussion.

We will strive to attract Indigenous apprentices, employees, consultants, contractors and business partnerships where appropriate and required.

To give effect to these principles, each of Rempel Builders’ business units will develop, in dialogue with Indigenous Peoples and First Nation communities, plans specific to their circumstances.

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