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Building Homes and Community with Rempel Builders

This is the second year Rempel Builders has been able to sponsor a team member to travel

down into the region of San Quintin, Mexico. The purpose of this trip was to help build a home for a family in need. We partnered with Mexico Home Builders alongside an organization called Live Different.

The main source of income for most of the people there is picking fruit and vegetables from the fields. Making $13/day USD, which is barely enough to feed their families and have a solid roof over their heads. This experience isn’t just about going down and building a house it’s also about engaging with the family and creating a relationship.

The house we built this year was 24’x24’ on a concrete slab with two bedrooms and

kitchen/dining area. The bedrooms have 2 single beds each. This location did have electricity, so we were able to hook them up to power, where some locations don’t have power. There is no running water. All water is bottled and brought in. We built all the furniture for the house which included: kitchen table with benches, kitchen counter with cupboards underneath and 4 bed frames. We also did a shopping trip to buy food, kitchenware, hotplate, and beds. Bedding and other miscellaneous items are donated by various people.

The highlight of this year’s trip would have to be when we went and saw the family we built for last year. It was amazing seeing the change the house had made for them and to see how well they are doing. Also, how grateful they were. Yolanda the mother kept saying how she thanks God every day for the house over her head. What I found amazing was that she kept saying how she felt like a princess in her castle. She was so thankful for something so simple.

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